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Things to Know Before Starting a Dog Boarding Kennel

You’ve been thinking about it for a while, but finally, you’re ready to start your dog daycare business. You’ve certainly picked a good time as the dog industry is booming. Dogs are amongst the top three most popular pets globally owned by families and individuals. Dogs are the perfect companion for humans as they are friendly, co-habit with humans, and provide security. Dogs require complete attention, so many individual dog owners or working professionals hesitate to keep their dogs alone at home. Here comes the role of a dog boarding kennel.

If you are a dog lover and planning to start a dog daycare business, you must know a few things beforehand.

1. Knowledge

If you are planning to start a dog daycare, you will have to get knowledge of not just one but various breeds. In this business, knowledge is power. Every breed has different characteristics, food habits, temperament, and medical history. You have to get complete knowledge of every breed and how to handle them properly.

2. Facility

Dogs are super energetic and love to run and play around. The most emerging trend in the dog boarding business these days is a cage-free facility. Dogs are kept according to their size, and generally, puppies are kept separated from adult dogs. You also need to take care of other facilities like a dog parking leash and dog parking hook. Water should be available so that they can stay hydrated. Air conditioning and live streaming webcams are also expected features in dog boarding.

3. Location and Property

Location is one of the critical aspects of any business. The most favored place for your dog day care would be the residential area with a good population of dogs. Your dog boarding will be easily accessible to dog owners to drop their dogs off on their way to work and pick them up while returning. Make sure your dog boarding has enough space for dogs to roam around and play.

4. Marketing

Like in any business, marketing is essential in the dog daycare business. You won’t be able to earn profits if you don’t do proper marketing. Let people know about your business and create awareness about it to reach out to potential clients. Promote your business in local newspapers, brochures, pamphlets, and social media. If you can offer the webcam facility, promote it heavily in your advertisements.



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