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Running a Pet Friendly holiday park poses new challenges, so we're here to help you better cater for your pet owning customers.


Pets are often required to remain on a leash, whilst owners need to briefly free up hands to complete tasks.


Pet Parking provides a patented quick and easy slimline solution, to help your visitors briefly park their pets. With no protruding bars or hooks, the device is safe for the whole family.


See Pet Parking in action below!


       Why Pet Parking?

  • Current trends of increased ownership and humanisation of pets, mean more holidays will involve pets moving forward, now is the time to provide the infrastructure to cater for them.

  • Providing the necessary infrastructure establishes your park as a premier pet friendly destination.

  • Makes navigating the park with pets much easier, leaving to more satisfied clients.

  • Increased social media presence for your park, as visitors and pet accounts post the device to social media. Consumers love simple and effective solutions!


How Pet Parking Works


The device protrudes only 17mm from any given surface. The UV stabilised polycarbonate body of the device houses a stainless steel latch which is custom designed to tether the eye of a pet leash.

The latch swings off a stainless steel round bar which triggers the latch to swing out against any given pressure applied from the leash. This ensures a tethered pet is secured and cannot become detached.

When the device is not in use the latch naturally sits in the recess creating a slim line device with no dangerous bars or hooks.

Install throughout common areas or cabin decks, making it easier for visitors to spend more time with their pets, whilst adhering to park rules.


Used By


Product Features

No sharp or protruding edges
Length 134mm x Width 85mm x Depth 17mm
316 Stainless steel (marine grade) custom designed latch
Impact resistant
Corrosion and rust free
Maintenance free
Australian Made
Recommended for pets up to 75kg

The kit comes with screws, wall plugs and instructions.

Big 4 Holiday parks eligible for 40% discount from R.R.P of $29.95 + Free shipping!


Simply use code: Big4

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