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We believe by better integrating pets into society, we can make the world a happier place.

We facilitate this through our patented device, designed to quickly and easily tether a pet on a leash - leaving you hands free!


Custom designed to tether the eye of a pet leash, when not in use, the latch sits within the recess of the device, creating a slimline appearance, free from any dangerous bars or hooks.

Whilst early adopters were Vets and other Pet professionals, Pet Parking is now being  adopted by a variety of businesses and government organisations, from cafes, bars, and park areas, to fresh grocers and hairdressers.



Why Pet Parking?


Pet Parking is fast becoming necessary infrastructure for a growing pet friendly society. The devices promote a venue as pet friendly, providing the leading edge in customer service.

It allows a position to be nominated for pets to be tethered away from busy entrances, road sides and busy pathways. Whilst also provides wait staff better access to their customers, ensuring a safe working environment.

Installed at the counter, it allows customers to free up hands to complete purchases, or fill out documentation in wait rooms.

The slimline devices not only looks professional, but signals to customers and staff that their safety is important to you.

With brick and mortar businesses already under threat from online competitors, catering to pet owners through installing Pet Parking, is a low cost way to make it easier for consumers to visit your business, when taking pets on daily walks and errands.

What do customers say?

"Pet Parking has been a fantastic addition to our Care Centre.  We use the pet parking for many reasons, but mostly to park a pooch who is next in line for a bath/hair cut in our grooming room, then to also park them once they are finished and waiting for their owners to collect them. We find this is also fantastic so customers walking through the store can view these dogs before and after our grooming service 

At times if we have adopted most of our dogs over busy weekends and only have 1-2 dogs left in the centre, we will bring these dogs out to sit with us around the counter area to keep them company. By doing this we have also found we are giving the dog an even greater chance of being adopted as people can see the dog closer up and interact with them a lot easier."

 Steph, NSW Care Centre



"We have used pet parking in our 26 clinics over the past 8 years. I love the design, particularly how they sit flat on the wall and provide quick and easy tethering of customer animals (as opposed to the silly pig tail ones that stick out 6 inches off the wall and catch on everything).

They are also really easy to mount. Make sure they are mounted into secure studs rather than directly into plaster via ‘wall mates’ or they will pull out.

Customer service and speed of delivery after online ordering has also been awesome, thanks all at pet parking! "


Dr Rod S Petstock Vet.

"Pet Parkers are neat little devices. They look tidy on a building and allow our customers to safely park a pet single handed. With arms full of laundry, this feature was imperative. Being so easy to hook a lead on, you would expect your pet houdini to easily get off, but after having pet parking installed for close to 2 years across 4 stores, all we have had is praise from our customers."

Constance Bernard,

Founder of Soap Bar Launderettes and Cafes






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