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Brown Pet Parking

Pack includes: 

1 x Pet Parking Device
3 x Stainless Steel Screws
3 x Nylon Wall Plugs
1 x Installation Guide

Key Features

Keeps pets off footpaths and away from busy roadsides
Offers a secure means to tether a pet
Cool colours for every situation
Ideal for pet wash areas, veterinary clinics, doggy day care
Handy at the front door when locking / unlocking door
Great for pet friendly cafes
No sharp or protruding edges

Length 134mm (5.28 inches) x Width 85mm (3.35 inches) x Depth 17mm (0.67 inches)

316 Stainless steel (marine grade) custom designed latch

Impact resistant

Corrosion and rust free

Maintenance free

Australian Made

Recommended for pets up to 75kg or 165lbs

Brown Pet Parking

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